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At TYS Recruitment (TYSR), we’re not just in the business of connecting yachts with hardworking crew members; we’re in the business of building a community. We understand that joining a new crew can be a daunting experience.

You’re not just another crew member; you’re a vital part of an incredible adventure.


TYS Recruitment

TYS Recruitment, founded in February 2020 by Gemma Hulbert, CEO of The Yacht Group, emerged from a profound understanding of the yachting industry’s nuances. With over a decade of experience, Gemma identified a gap in the recruitment market, recognizing the need for a more personalized and supportive approach. Rooted in the core values of kindness and respect, TYS Recruitment, formerly The Yacht Stew Recruitment, stands out for prioritizing relationships and mentorship. We delve deep into understanding candidates—identifying their passions, non-negotiables, and career support needs. Our commitment extends beyond placements, fostering enduring connections with our placed crew, providing continuous support and mentorship throughout their careers.

In a recent success story, a Chief Stewardess, placed on a vessel outside our agency, sought our assistance in contract negotiation and understanding. TYS Recruitment helped secure the desired package and placed the entire team once the Chief Stewardess joined, showcasing the enduring partnerships we cultivate.

Undergoing a rebrand in June 2023, TYS Recruitment reflects a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Formerly The Yacht Stew Recruitment, our evolution signifies an expanded focus beyond stewardesses, welcoming crew members from all departments. Our new name signifies a fresh outlook and a wealth of opportunities awaiting those who join our community. All our agents, having served as yacht crew, bring a unique understanding to the recruitment process. TYS Recruitment places a high premium on professional development, ensuring our team is equipped with the latest knowledge through continuous training, reaffirming our dedication to serving the yachting community at the highest standard. Join TYS Recruitment, where we’re not just transforming our image—we’re expanding horizons to ensure every crew member feels valued and included

Our Mission

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Our mission at TYSR is simple yet profound: to connect world-class superyachts with hardworking crew members. We take a bespoke approach to yacht crew recruitment and training because we believe that every crew member is unique and deserves personalized attention.

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At TYSR, we’re dedicated to your success. Our mission is to connect outstanding crew members with worldclass yachts, creating better working relationships and nurturing crew member longevity. We operate with integrity, ensuring transparency during the hiring process.

As part of the TYS family, we’re thrilled to introduce you to The Yacht Stew Academy (TYSA), our esteemed sister company. TYSA is dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of interior yacht crew members. We understand that excellence in yachting goes beyond recruitment, which is why we’ve partnered with TYSA to provide you with exceptional training opportunities. TYSA offers a diverse range of online courses tailored specifically for interior crew members. From table settings and wine service to housekeeping and guest interaction, TYSA empowers you to shine in your role on board. Explore TYSA’s courses and embark on a journey of continuous improvement in the yachting industry.

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